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Celtic 5-0 Morton: Your views

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We asked for your thoughts on Celtic’s comprehensive win over Morton in the fourth round of the Scottish Cup. Here’s what you had to say:

James: Really ludicrous penalty awarded against Morton that seemed to unsettle them. Having said that, Celtic went about the job in a professional way and always looked likely to score. All in all, job done.

Ian: The evolution of Celtic encapsulated through squad, style and tactics is undeniably attractive. Celtic are shining the brightest in our league with statistics suggesting we can compare with the best of the Premier League, Bundesliga et al.

Anon: As expected total possession. Bit sloppy finishing and overdoing it a bit in the second half. Cannot believe the penalty decision, bet we wouldn’t have been given it in the League Cup Final. Pitch needs a bit of work, can’t moan about others when ours is bad.

Denis: Thought the penalty was harsh but that type have been given before. Maybe as it was heading towards goal and it looks as maybe Efe scooped it away, that may have been the reason.

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