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City of Williamsport mulls Memorial Park fitness pad | News, Sports, Jobs

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People exercise on a “Fitness Court” designed by the National Fitness Committee. The City of Williamsport has been in talks with the committee about building a court after receiving a $30,000 grant from the NFC.

The City of Williamsport is discussing installing a fitness pad possibly in Memorial Park after receiving a $30,000 grant from the consulting firm that designs them.

Talks have occurred with the National Fitness Campaign and the administration, said Jon Sander, city engineer, to the City Council Public Works Committee. The cost of the “Fitness Court” with exercise equipment to be used outside is $150,000. Payment options include use of American Rescue Plan funds and/or private and corporate donations.

In a video by the National Fitness Campaign, the 36 foot by 36 foot pad has a system that allows individuals to scan exercise programs using their mobile devices to follow or they can start working out on their own.

The Memorial Park was selected as a possible site for the pad because of its high visibility from West Fourth Street and existing facilities nearby such as the pool, basketball court, accessible playground and pickleball court.

Similar workout courts are in various cities. Councilwoman Bonnie Katz, committee chair, acknowledged the pad as a potential addition to the park. She cautioned that the park frequently is inundated with ponding water from rain. She also appreciated the administration for going for the grant that was successfully received and also noted how she’d like to see the Heart Walk circuit on the sidewalks in the Central Business District revived.

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