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Fans’ reaction to Aberdeen’s Tynecastle horror show

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We asked for your reaction to Aberdeen’s 5-0 defeat to Hearts at Tynecastle.

The responses came flooding in:

Stuart: An absolute shambles. Is it too early to change the manager yet again? The next few weeks will tell.

Anon: Goodwin has to go. He’s a broken man. Anybody watching his post-match interview can see that. Out of his depth, I think he probably would welcome being put out of his misery.

Niall: Just an absolute defensive horror show. I couldn’t watch the second half fearing double figures. Darvel must be licking their lips where anything other than a win for Aberdeen must surely seal Jim Goodwin’s fate to avoid further humiliations.

Stuart: Totally gutless performance. Certainly one of worst displays I have seen from an Aberdeen team at Tynecastle in the last 35 years. The defence is the problem and needs addressed quickly or it will be another season in the bottom six. What is really worrying is Godwin didn’t change things when you could clearly see Coulson was having a nightmare.

Andy: This is a sad state of affairs. Terrible failings at the back and I’m not sure how Goodwin fixes it with his current squad.

Paul: We need a manager with a proven track record. Glass and Goodwin were at best a shot in the dark, a kind of hit and hope. Which would be great if it worked but in both cases the end result has been worse than average. Lots of talk about getting new players but Aberdeen need to concentrate on getting the right manager first.

Anon: Goodwin doesn’t appear to have any tactical nous. He has players but he sets up the team in a way that highlights weaknesses. Coulson can’t defend – what’s wrong with MacKenzie who can? What’s happened to Richardson? Barron is nowhere near what he was. Hayes is past it clearly. Problem is he never seems to have a Plan B.

John: Let’s face reality. Goodwin tried but completely underestimated the task of managing Aberdeen. Time for him to leave now. As for Cormack and company, please sell tclub as under their stewardship Aberdeen have turned into a second division team. Complete amateurs and an embarrassment. Get Paul Lambert in then put the club up for sale.

Paul: Goodwin simply has to go. Some good recruitment does not disguise a complete lack of organisation. We have no consistency and zero away form.

Anon: Very poor. Goodwin has had a year but most of the defence are rubbish. We might as well have a Highland league defence. No amount of midfielders and forwards will make any difference if we can’t stop giving up stupid goals.

Alan: As an avid Dons supporter I cannot see any signs of improvement from Goodwin’s team. His record since taking over is pathetic and his latest interview showed he hasn’t got a clue how to fix defensive problems. The next three/four games will decide his future.

Scott: The shambles that Aberdeen are at the moment rests solely on Dave Cormack. It has been one big mistake after. We are being run like the Romanov era at Hearts.

Dennis: This latest disaster is all down to the manager and the coaches who have lost the plot on this showing. Playing third-rate players from lower leagues is not the way forward. Management sadly not good enough for Aberdeen.

Anon: Aberdeen are a joke right now. The supposed due process that brought in Stephen Glass has been bypassed to bring in an inexperienced manager that has no idea. Big questions now need to be asked of the chairman.

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