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Friday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Backup QBs, Waddle, and More

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From Gary Savin (via email):

Hi Alain, not sure if your mailbag segments have finished now the season is over, but here goes. Just watched the Grier/McDaniel presser where Grier says he’s not worried about concussions. If that didn’t set my alarm off, he then said Tua already wears the safest helmet available!! Now I’m really looking forward to who the backup QB will be, as that to me will be telling. Your thoughts? Alain thanks for all your work and insights this season. Look forward to reading more in ’23.

Hey Gary, first off thanks. Yeah, it was a bit surprising to hear Grier speak so confidently as though Tua will be starting with a clean slate in 2023 in terms of concussions. There also are a lot of differing opinions on the topic and different histories with different players in different sports, where some guys just can’t seem to stop getting concussions and others had a few concussions in a short period of time but have been able to play a long time (like NHL superstar Sidney Crosby, for example). And I think the Dolphins absolutely have to have durability as a big factor in picking their next backup QB.

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