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Lake Tahoe Epic Curling Club Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary | Sport

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The Lake Tahoe Epic Curling Club held their 10-year celebration open house, which includes a series of public events teaching potential club members in the community all about curling.

The club members describe this unique sport as a friendly game of chess, because it combines strategy and teamwork with players of varying levels of ability.

But the club members emphasized just how social the sport can be on and off of the ice “We come out on a Sunday to curl, we come out on a Tuesday to curl, and we just get together… and after the game there’s a big social side to it.” Says the Secretary and past President Edith Hazard.

She mentions their open house was held to encourage people to check out curling and maybe even join the club.

At the end of the month, they’re also starting a youth program so kids can have a chance to grow up knowing the sport. Hans Jones, one club member with LTEC says “There’s a lot of kids who have great opportunities to be competitive and pick up a social sport for the rest of their life.”

Club members explain the sport, they say typically to play you need 4 players and 2 stones at a time. The goal is to get your stone as close to the center of the painted circles as you can.

One club member says once you get the hang of it, it feels like you’re floating on the ice “It is an amazing team sport because when you’re playing everybody is involved in every shot.” Jones tells us.

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