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Tottenham: ‘World-class players look like a shadow of the players they used to be for us’

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Anna Howells, Spurs XY, external

There couldn’t have been a starker contrast between last season’s north London derby at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium compared to this season’s.

We blew away our rivals and their younger side last year but since then they have progressed immensely and we have gone in the opposite direction.

The theme of our season seems to be forcing a formation onto a group of players that clearly doesn’t work for them – and asking said players to play in a way that doesn’t suit them.

Both of these factors lead to unnecessary mistakes and errors, gifting goals to the opposition, and making world-class players look like a shadow of the players they used to be for us, or could be based on their international displays.

The changes needed were blatantly obvious after going a goal down (in fact even a little before), but Conte didn’t want to make any substitutions until it was too late in the second half. This has happened too many times this season, inept first-half performances overturned by some fortunate second-half comebacks.

How can we expect to achieve anything in the future if we can’t be bold enough to recognise and change something when it’s not working?

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