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Tiana Lao, Special to the Daily Herald

“This week it would have been the story of the arrest of Sam Bankman-Fried. I know it’s a little bit of old news, but they are charging him with a lot of different things, and I’d like to see where that ends up. He ran a crypto trading service that was illegally, underhandedly, switching between another company of his that was run by people who he claims were incompetent, but a lot of people think they have been doing this on purpose. He lost a lot of people, a lot of money, and I’d like to see him held accountable.” — Erika Gritton, Orem

“I pay attention to what the federal government’s doing with our business rates and our interest rates, so I check that probably every week. I work in finance, so I’m just always following up on our interest rates, and ‘Are they going to raise them? Are they going to lower them? What’s the plan with inflation?’ so I am always following that. … I checked it today, and I remember being upset that it’s still going up.” — Jacob Brinley, Orem

“The thing that everybody’s talking about is the things of the classified stuff that Biden was found to have. It’s been, first of all, the big commotion about Trump having taken all kinds of classified materials and now we find that Biden had a few, and it’s very embarrassing, and my feeling is that they should just prosecute both of them because people shouldn’t be treated differently. If I had materials like that I would be prosecuted, so they should be prosecuted too. Take them to court, let the jury decide what should be done. Now, in the case of the president, he can’t be convicted of a crime until after he leaves office, but that would be okay. Treat everyone equally I say.” — Ernie Rogers, Pleasant Grove

“Besides gas prices, no, that’s about it. … Earlier this month when the gas prices got lower than, like, two dollars, there were news reports on it and stuff. Just that gas prices were, like, crazy high for a really long time.” — Kellee Taylor, Pleasant Grove

“I haven’t been caught up in many news stories. I don’t know. There was that guy that got, that almost got killed in that football game. The Bills and Damar Hamlin. I followed that for a second. So, all I know about it is that it was, like, a very rare sports medicine injury where he got hit in the chest, and it compressed his heart right at the exact time that there was a beat or rhythm going in his heart, and it’s, like, a really rare phenomenon. … I heard he’s doing a lot better. It was kind of a big deal in the sports world.” — Adam Baker, Vineyard

Tiana Lao, Special to the Daily Herald

Photos and interviews by Tiana Lao, Special to the Daily Herald.

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